Truth Healing and Uniting Greater Souls, Inc  is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes Truth H.U.G.S. us all.  Bullying and Violence Prevention, coupled with trained Mediators & Mentors Truth Healing & Uniting Greater Souls, Inc……


Truth is, the Healing can take a long time for the person that really needs it. Another Truth is (not statistically speaking) ALL OF US have been “The Boy in the Picture”.


Uniting from the Streets to the Suits, from the Trap House to the White House, from the Window to the Wall, from the Pyramids to Projects, (not statistically speaking) there is not one of us reading this that has not…..


What could be greater than ALL OF US getting back to work, school, or home? Nothing could be greater than knowing that our faculty and administrators are serving our children in a safe environment.