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Truth Healing and Uniting Greater Souls, Inc  is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes Truth H.U.G.S. us all.  Bullying and Violence Prevention, coupled with trained Mediators & Mentors

Truth Healing & Uniting Greater Souls, Inc.

(Truth H.U.G.S., Inc. / T.H.U.G.S., Inc.)

Bullying & Violence Prevention and Mediation & Mentoring

For students, parents, teachers and administrators/school officials.


Grassroots and Humble Beginnings

Introducing Truth Healing & Uniting Greater Souls, Inc., and welcome to our blog. We are the Bullying and Violence Prevention Zone. Truth H.U.G.S. is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization, organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. We have been addressing bullying and preventing youth violence since 2007, and have never solicited any funding from any business, government nor the common public. Here’s why. We felt a great need to develop a system that really works for our clients and have done so.


The goal of this blog is for potential bloggers to get a better sense of how Truth H.U.G.S. Inc. able to serve you. Other bloggers may benefit from your experiences or questions, so please sign up to be a blogger and let the healing begin with us.  

This blog will allow everyone to observe and share relevant and pertinent information on personal and current or past events in a respectful and loving manner. This blog will be monitored closely by our Founder and CEO. If you break any of the following rules, you shall be placed in the READ ONLY file for 90 days before you can actively participate again.

The goal of this blog is for you to know me better as the President of THUGS and for you to get a better sense of how THUGS can serve you. Others may benefit from your questions, so please share your questions and observations in our comments section.





  • We recommend that you use your first name only. You are welcome to use an alias name as well as long as they are appropriate.
  • No cursing
  • No intentional shaming towards another blogger
  • No political or religious discussions
  • You can share with us if you are being or have been bullied or violated because of your RELIGION
  • Responding bloggers are only allowed to respond with words that HUG your fellow blogger.
  • If you recognize a CELEBRITY BLOGGER
  • You are not to bombarded them with any comments not relevant to their topic.
  • In relation to our POLITICIANS,
  • if they want to share on any topic that is political, we are to listen and offer words that HUG. We do not offer any resolutions in this forum. If you would like to express your concerns with a politician or offer any resolutions, you may do so directly with their office or agency.
  • If two bloggers happened to be hashing out their differences on this blog, please agree to disagree and work toward a common ground in a respectful manner.


This Blog is for adults only 18 and up. There is a separate blog for students’ Pre-K – 12th grade.

Truth is, bullying and violence are serious issues that our children face every day, in school and even at home. Sometimes parents, faculty and the school administrators are themselves confronted with bullying in their workplace or in other situations. We are here for you as well.

Healing occurs during and after intervention. Bullying and violence are not limited to any age, color, gender or economic bracket, and neither are our services. Truth H.U.G.S., Inc. is for everyone, and we promote moral and ethical interaction among all of our clients. Our open and unbiased approach is what encourages and harbors healing and unification amongst the parties of any given situation.

Uniting our clients is important for the safety of our schools and communities. We are an objective partner in the community and we are here to help you work through bullying issues, so those issues never get the opportunity to turn violent. Together, we develop and practice healthy interpersonal communication skills with one another. Our interventions and resolutions are tailored to the needs of each client and situation. We do not implement or provide “cookie-cutter” remedies. 

Policies and procedures can be intimidating to us all.  Creating and changing them can be equally challenging. When resolving the issue, we strive for a uniting to occur where parents, children, teachers, administrators and Boards of Directors, all understand their connection, and their bond is strengthened. By doing this, we reduce the recurrence of bullying and violence.  


Greater is the community that protects itself.  We protect ourselves and others by connecting to and thinking with our higher selves and by acting out of our higher selves in our deeds. We must use our higher self to keep our lower self in check. This will help us to become the greatest community in this country.  

Don’t forget to check out our 1st annual Fundraiser Spectaculars:

  1. The First Annual Anti-Bullying Kick-off Party (Date)

2.First Annual Big Wheel Race (Click here for registration, date, rules and other information)

Souls are all we have left of ourselves after we have died (1) emotionally, (2) spiritually, or (3) mentally. The death of those three elements of our being often leads to the emotional death of others because when you destroy the spirit of another human being, you are destroying our children’s survival on this planet. It is people who make the world go round. Truth H.U.G.S. ensures that our children and teachers are in a thriving environment so that we are raising up compassionate and productive citizens in our community that are able to live up to their full potential.


Incorporated (Inc.)  T.H.U.G.S. Inc. has incorporated every element of our name into our practices. We are more than seriousness about bullying and violence prevention. We are prepared to assist you with dealing with a school issue concerning your child or staff member that you find overwhelming, We will work with you and the other party until the issue has been resolved to the point where the two can work together in a nurturing atmosphere. We can work with your child alongside you or in your absence.


Mediation is objective uniting. It is a method of alternative dispute resolution available to students, teachers, and administrators/school official.  Mediation is not policy driven but is guided by our morel perceptions. With this approach coupled with our experience and referrals, we are able to help our clients unite on a common ground of mutual respect and resolve school issues in a way that is satisfying and permanent.  You, your child and your child’s teachers and administrators will then be able to focus on your child’s growth and well-being with a refreshed level of confidence.


We are professionals. We do not take sides; we resolve issues. After we have assessed the situation and worked out a resolution, we will implement or re-implement interpersonal relations skills training with our clients. Treating everyone with respect is the key.  


We are living in a serious time. This is the time for us to help and heal each other.


It is our privilege and honor to serve our community here in Mecklenburg County and surrounding counties. We are available on a first come first serve basis. However, if it is an emergency we will certainly accommodate our schedules.


In our next blog we will discuss:



  • What is bullying?
  • What is cyber bullying?


  1. How do we stop and prevent both?


You may contact us by either of the following;  the contact form on this website ; via email at or you may call us at 704-595-7593 to set up an appointment. We will get back to you within 24 business hours.


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we hope that you too will become a blogger. The first 10 bloggers to post on this blog will receive a special gift.


Philena V. Ruffin, Founder & CEO



Truth is, the Healing can take a long time for the person that really needs it. Another Truth is (not statistically speaking) ALL OF US have been “The Boy in the Picture”.


Uniting from the Streets to the Suits, from the Trap House to the White House, from the Window to the Wall, from the Pyramids to Projects, (not statistically speaking) there is not one of us reading this that has not witnessed bullying turn violent.


What could be greater than ALL OF US getting back to work, school, or home?

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Nothing could be greater than knowing that our faculty and administrators are serving our children in a safe environment.